Accessing details from Google Ad Manager account

To access the Google Ad Manager Developer token, complete the following steps:


  1. Log in to your Google Ad Manager account.
  2. Navigate to Tools and Settings > API Centre
    The API Centre page opens.
  3. Create a new Developer token. For a new Developer token, you must provide the following details:
    • API contact email
    • Company name
    • Company URL
    • Company type
    • Intended use, and other details
  4. By default, the Developer token is generated for use with the Test Account. The generated Developer token will not work with the Production Account. If you want the Developer token to work with the Production Account, you must Apply for Basic Access.
    Note: Getting a Basic level access or a Standard level access from Google for the generated Developer token is a time-consuming process. We recommend that you initiate the review process with Google at the earliest.