Configure Unica Journey with SSL

To configure Unica Journey to use SSL, you must set some configuration properties. Use the procedures in this section that are appropriate for your installation of Unica Journey and the communications that you want to secure using SSL.

About this task

When you access your Unica installation over a secure connection, and when you set navigation properties for applications as described in the following procedures, you must use https and the secure port number in the URL. The default SSL port is8443 for Tomcat.

Follow this procedure to configure Journey with SSL


  1. Log in to Unica and click Settings > Configuration.
  2. Set the value of the Affinium | Journey | navigation property to Unica Journey URL.

    For example: https://host.domain:SSL_port/unica


    • host is the name or IP address of the machine on which Unica Journey is installed
    • domain is your company domain in which your Unica products are installed
    • SSL_Port is the SSL port in the application server on which Unica Journey is deployed

    Note https in the URL.