Setting a default LinkedIn connection

You can set LinkedIn as a default connection

About this task

To set a default LinkedIn connection, complete the following steps


  1. Select > Link > Manage connectionsand click New connection button.
  2. On Create New Connection add any Name and click on Next button.
  3. Select Choose Connection Type type as LinkedIn Ads and click on Next button.
  4. On Connection Properties page, click on Get code button, user will navigate to LinkedIn login page, add LinkedIn a/c user-id and password
  5. After successful login, copy LinkedIn browser url and paste it on Create New Connection page in text field Redirect Url response.
  6. Click on Get Token button, then click on Test, once Test connection is successful click on Save button.
    Note: LinkedIn responses are modified and following responses are available on configured LinkedIn touchpoint. Audience size, Matched count and Audience status. Unica link sends these responses to Journey and depending on link response, Audience size, Matched count and Audience status are available on Linkedin touchpoint.