Journey Settings or Deduplication

About this task

Unica Journey takes input from multiple Entry Sources like file, REST, Kafka, Unica Campaign, Unica Interact, Unica Discover etc. Sometimes an existing audience record might get pushed to the same Journey multiple times. For example, Unica Campaign type entry sources using Kafka could push the same audience information from each run of flowchart to the Journey. Similarly, REST or file-based Entry Source might also send the same audience record in to the Journey. You can use Journey Settings to identify the duplicate records and specify the action to be taken on the duplicate records. The available actions are deleting the duplicates or updating the existing record with new data.

Deduplication works on the Required fields of Data Definition. This setting can be added to only to Journeys in Draft state.

To set deduplication of contacts, complete the following steps:


  1. For a Journey, on the Journey canvas screen, click More Actions > Settings.
    The Journey Settings page appears.
  2. CAUTION: You cannot change the selected option once the Journey is published.
    Select one of the following options:
    • Allow duplicate contacts - Select this option if you want to allow duplicate contacts. This is the default setting.

      Example: If an email ID already exists, another entry having the same email ID is considered as a new record.

    • Dont allow duplicate contacts - Select this option if you do not want to allow duplicate contacts.
      1. In the Select Field option, select any Required field as mentioned in Data Definitions to specify the identity for recognizing duplicate contacts. Click to add an extra field. Click to remove the added field. For more information on Select Field, see Data Definitions.
      2. Select one of the following actions on duplicate contacts:
        • Discard contact - Discards any new duplicates found. For example, if an email ID already exists, it will discard the new entry if the entry contains the same email ID.
        • Update existing contact - Updates the existing contact with the newly found duplicate. For example, if a record has Name, Address, Email ID, and Gender, with Email ID as the significant field and Gender as the optional field, and if you update the record by adding value to Gender, the system will identify that the Email ID is the same but the value for the Gender field did not exist earlier, so the system will update the existing contact.
      3. Click Save & close.