Creating Journeys

About this task

To create Journeys, complete the following steps.


  1. In the Journeys menu, click + Journey.
    The Create new journey page appears.
  2. Provide appropriate values for the following fields.
    • Name - Mandatory field.
    • Description - Optional field
  3. Click Browse and select the required Folder in which you want to save the Journey. If you want to save the Journey in a new folder, create a folder. For more information, see Creating a folder.
  4. To add Regional contact preference, select the checkbox Use Regional contact preference. After checking the checkbox, the field Timezone will become Select region (contact preference). Select the time zone preferences from the select region (contact preference) dropdown. Time zone preferences set from contact central will be available in this dropdown. While sending communications, Journey will check for the time preference defined and will proceed only when the send time falls within the selected time frame. If the send time does not fall within the selected time frame, then journey will go in waiting state and will wait for the next preferred time.
  5. Select the required Timezone. If user want to use Journey Time zone without contact preference user can uncheck the option Use regional contact preferences
    You can create Journeys for a different time zone and have them executed on that time zone. For example, you can be a user in India and schedule a Journey, for US PST customers, to execute on Dec 25th 00:00.
    Note: Journey processes all responses received from HIP and Deliver in UTC time zone. Even if Journey receives responses in any other time zone than UTC, it will process them as per UTC time zone only. Hence, in such cases there can be time mismatch, which results response count mismatch on Goal historical and Goal analysis page.
  6. Select an appropriate Marketing Stage. The available values are:
    • Referral
    • Retention
    • Conversion
    • Activation
    • Acquisition
    • Awareness
  7. To add milestone to a Journey, select the checkbox I want to add milestones. After checking the checkbox, on canvas page configure deduplication settings for update contact by selecting dont allow duplicate contacts and radio button Update existing contact. To save the settings, click Save & Close. Journey designed with milestones will not get published without configuring this deduplication setting.
  8. To select an Entry Source, click Browse.

    You can select up to 10 Entry Sources. For more information on Entry Sources, see Entry Sources.

    To create an Entry Source, see Creating Entry sources.

    Note: If the checkbox I want to add milestones is checked, then section select entry sources is not available. Select entry source option will be available in the next page.
  9. To select a Data Definition, click Browse.

    You can add only one Data Definition to a Journey. For more information on Data Definitions, see Data Definitions.

    To create a Data Definition, see Creating Data definitions.

  10. To add milestones, enter milestone name click Add

    You can add maximum 7 milestones to a Journey.

  11. Click Next
    Milestone Details page appears.
    Note: Option Next is available only when milestones are added to a Journey.
  12. On Milestone Details page, you can add entry source to the added milestone. To select an entry source, click Browse

    You can add maximum 10 entry sources to a milestone. Milestone condition can be configured on data definition fields associated with journey. Based on the datatype of the field, the operators will be displayed.

  13. Click Save & Proceed.
    The Journey creation is successful and the Canvas page appears.

What to do next

Design the Journey behavior using the Canvas feature. For more information, see Designing the canvas.