Journey Proxy Integration

Proxy server has been integrated into journey web and Engine Projects, this gives user an upper hand in adding security and keeping application server behind proxy servers. Proxy server will interact with Deliver, Link and Platform servers.

Journey Web – Communicates with Deliver, Link and Platform server for fetching configuration details and while integrating Email/SMS/AdTech Point in Journey.

Journey Engine – Uses proxy to communicate with Deliver/Link Server for submitted Email/SMS/Adtech details to end servers.

Proxy Supported by Journey Web
  1. SOCKS
  2. HTTP
  3. HTTPS
Proxy Supported by Journey Engine
  1. HTTP
Note: SOCKS and HTTPS proxy is not supported by SOAP (Apache Axis2) used by Engine to communicate with Deliver.
Property to be configured for Engine in Engine file
  • journey.proxy.type=NONE
  • spring.proxy.port=[PORT]
  • spring.proxy.username=[username]
  • spring.proxy.password=[password]
Property to be configured for Web in Web file
  • journey.proxy.type=NONE
  • spring.proxy.port=[PORT]
  • spring.proxy.username=[USERNAME]
  • spring.proxy.password=[PASSWORD]
  • server.use-forward-headers=true
Note: Default value of property journey.proxy.type is NONE, when set to NONE proxy is disabled.