Installation order for Unica Journey

When you install multiple Unica products, you must install them in a specific order.

The following table provides information about the order that you must follow when you install Unica Journey.
Table 1. Installation order for Unica Journey

Installation order for Unica Journey

Product Install in this order

Unica Journey

  1. Unica Platform
  2. Unica Journey
Note: Unica Journey installs three components:
  • Unica Journey Web application -- Unica Journey web application can be deployed in supported application server i.e. Oracle, SQL Server, OneDB, MariaDB.
  • Unica Journey Engine: It does not require any deployment in application server, Journey engine can get started from command line / terminal as a standalone application.
  • Apache Kafka: Kafka server and zookeeper gets installed together and can be started on command line or terminal. Unica Journey all three components can be installed on same or different machines.