Guidelines for deploying Unica Journey on JBoss

You must follow a set of guidelines when you deploy on JBoss.

Make sure that the version of JBoss meets the requirements that are described in the HCL Enterprise Products Recommended Software Environments and Minimum System Requirements document. Use the following guidelines when you deploy on JBoss:

Use the following guidelines when you deploy the products on any supported version of JBoss:

  1. Deploy unica.war file as an enterprise application.

    For example: deploy <Journey_Install>\unica.war

    See for instructions on Deploying Web Server Application in JBoss.

  2. Complete the following tasks if your installation must support non-ASCII characters, for example for Portuguese or for locales that require multi-byte characters:
    1. Edit the standalone.conf script in the bin directory under your JBOSS /bin directory to add



      to JAVA_VENDOR.

      In case you are deploying a non-production setup, add


      In case of a production setup, this Java option must be removed or set to false.

    2. Restart JBoss server.
Cleaning the JBOSS application server cache
  1. Go to JBOSS install location location used for Journey installation. For example, /jboss-eap-7.1/standalone
  2. There you will see two folders tmp and deployments.
  3. Delete the contents of these two folders
Note: Journey Web component reads configurations from file. You are required to update the Journey Web application properties file and Journey Engine Application properties file before the deployment of journey.war. Please refer Configuring Unica Journey