Unica Journey components

To use the Unica Journey utilities on additional computers, you must install the utilities and the web application on the additional computers. This is required because the utilities use the jar files in the web application. However, when you install the Unica Journey to use the utilities, you do not have to deploy the Unica Journey again, and you do not have to create additional Unica Journey system tables.

The following table describes the components that you can select when you install Unica Journey:

Table 1. Journey components

This two-columned table uses the first column to provide the names of the Platform components that you can select when you install Unica Platform and uses the second column to describe the components.

Component Description
Journey Web Application Journey Web component gives user ability to use to design entry source, data definition and journey flows.
Journey Engine Journey Engine processes the audience data, sends the communications to touch points and listens and capture the response information.
Kafka Standalone Journey will be installing Kafka and Zookeeper components along with current installation process.
Journey Template

This is created for packaging Journey template in 12.1.2.

Journey templates are available when we install Journey product. During installation you can choose the templates that you want.