New features and changes in version 12.1.4

In Unica Journey 12.1.4, we have introduced some new features, and we have made changes to some existing features or functionality.

The following list mentions the support for new platforms, in Unica Journey 12.1.4:

The following list mentions the new features, and the changes to existing features, in Unica Journey 12.1.4:

  • Journey supports DB2 as system tables

    Journey system tables can now be deployed on DB2.

  • Offer Integration for Publish Touchpoint

    Offers can now be integrated in the Publish Touchpoint. The offers are included as delimited list in the CSV output.

  • Offer Integration for REST Touchpoint

    Offers can now be integrated in the REST Touchpoint.

  • Offer Integration for JDBC Touchpoint

    Offers can now be integrated in the JDBC Touchpoint.

  • Integrate Landing page data from Deliver

    If Landing pages are associated with Email template in Deliver, these can now be associated with Journey and the fields and data can be used in Decision Splits.

  • Journey Publish View

    Journey design can now be viewed in Read Only mode while the Journey is published. This allows checking the various touchpoint configurations without having to Pause the Journey.

  • Isolating the use of proxy server to specific products rather than the entire Unica suite

    Journey now allows you to configure proxy server to communicate with specific Unica products. For example, if you want to configure proxy server for communication only with Deliver and Link, you can do so and avoid configuring the proxy server for other integrations like Platform.