Before you contact HCL technical support

If you encounter a problem that you cannot resolve by referring the documentation, your company's designated support contact can log a call with HCL technical support. Use these guidelines to ensure that your problem is resolved efficiently and successfully.

If you are not a designated support contact at your company, contact your HCL administrator for information.

Information to gather

Before you contact HCL technical support, gather the following information:

  • A brief description of the nature of your issue.
  • Detailed error messages that you see when the issue occurs.
  • Detailed steps to reproduce the issue.
  • Related log files, session files, configuration files, and data files.
  • Information about your product and system environment, which you can obtain as described in "System information."

System information

When you call HCL technical support, you might be asked to provide information about your environment.

If your problem does not prevent you from logging in, much of this information is available on the About page, which provides information about your installed HCL applications.

You can access the About page by selecting Help > About. If the About page is not accessible, check for a version.txt file that is located under the installation directory for your application.

Contact information for HCL technical support

For ways to contact HCL technical support, see the HCL technical support website: