Queries and Unica Interact

Several processes in Interactive flowcharts and advanced options in treatment rules can be used to create queries to select data from your data source. These are, in general, the same queries as Unica Campaign.

You can use any of the following methods to create a query in interactive flowcharts or treatment rule advanced options.

  • Point & Click

  • Text Builder

  • Macros

    For details about these methods, see the Unica Campaign User's Guide.

  • Event pattern matching provides access to the state of every event pattern that is defined for the interactive channel and its parent interactive channels (including out-of-date range event patterns). You can include event patterns in your query to combine other segmentation logic with behavioral logic, or you can use the pattern state alone to define a behavioral segment.

    The potential values for an event pattern state are provided as an integer with one of the following values:

    Table 1. Event pattern states

    Event pattern states and their meanings

    Event pattern state Description
    1 Pattern condition has been met (the pattern is true)
    0 Pattern condition has not been met (the pattern is false)
    -1 Pattern is expired (outside of the valid date range)
    -2 Pattern is not enabled (the Enabled check box is not selected in the event pattern definition dialog)

Interactive flowcharts and treatment rule advanced options do not support raw SQL.

The following sections describe any differences in the options available in interactive flowcharts and advanced options in treatment rules.