Configuring interactive flowcharts

In general, interactive flowcharts are configured the same way as batch flowcharts. While you need consider the different concepts behind interactive flowcharts compared to batch flowcharts, you add and edit processes in an interactive flowchart in the same way as you do in a batch flowchart.

Unless an exception is mentioned here, for details about general flowchart creation, such as adding processes, renaming processes, and so on, see the Unica Campaign User's Guide.

  • Remember that you cannot change audience level in an interactive flowchart.
  • Whether you can delete an interactive flowchart depends on its deployment status.
  • If you access the Table Mappings dialog, clicking Load loads only general tables.

    You must complete all table mapping for an interactive flowchart in the interactive channel that is associated with the flowchart.

  • Stored table catalogs are not used in interactive flowcharts.