Undeploying an interactive flowchart

If you no longer require the smart segments that are created by an interactive flowchart, you can undeploy the flowchart. This removes all references of the flowchart from the runtime server.

Before you begin

  • You have an interactive flowchart that is deployed.
  • The interactive flowchart is not in edit mode.


  1. View the interactive flowchart that you want to mark for undeployment.

    You must view the flowchart. You cannot mark a flowchart for undeployment in edit mode.

    Interactive flowcharts are available in sessions only.

  2. Click Mark for undeployment.


The interactive flowchart is marked for undeployment. The data removal request is added to the list of items that are waiting to be deployed on the interactive channel summary tab. You cannot edit an interactive flowchart that is marked for undeployment.

The next time that you deploy the interactive channel, all references to this interactive flowchart are removed from the runtime servers.