Derived fields, user variables, macros, and Unica Interact

While you can create expressions in interactive flowcharts and advanced options for treatment rules, all of the building blocks are not available in both query builders. The table in this section describes the query building block, whether it is available in interactive flowcharts or advanced options, and any special notes.

Unless otherwise described in the following table, see the Unica Campaign User's Guide for more details about building queries.

Object Available in interactive flowchart Available in advanced options Notes®
Derived fields Yes No You can use derived fields, persistent derived fields, stored derived fields, and user variables in interactive flowcharts with the Decision, Select, and Snapshot processes. Derived fields can contain constants, user variables, other derived fields, and macros. If you are creating a derived field in an interactive flowchart that you want to be available as a name-value pair in the Unica Interact API, you must preface the name with the prefix defined in the SessionVar configuration property, for example, SessionVar.DerivedFieldName.
User variables Yes No User variables can contain only numerics or strings. Interactive flowcharts do not support the None data type. Current Value is not supported for user variables.




A select list of macros are available for use in interactive flowcharts and advanced options for treatment rules. The design environment lists the available macros in the query builder. For details about using macros, see the Macros User's Guide.

Note: NUMBER, IS, and IN behave differently in interactive flowcharts and advanced options than Unica Campaign.
Note: Your performance may be impacted if you have an expression that uses EXTERNALCALLOUT in advanced options of your treatment rules. For example, if there are 100 eligible offers (each with an advanced option with an EXTERNALCALLOUT) that Interact has to prioritize down to one best offer, then Interact has to evaluate each option and fire potential 100 external callouts to fulfill that one getOffers request.
Custom Macros Yes No Raw SQL selecting ID list or Raw SQL selecting ID list + value custom macro types are not supported in interactive flowcharts.