Data types and stored objects

Like Unica Campaign, Unica Interact supports several data types for stored objects. User variables, derived fields, and macros can all use Number, String, and Date data types. Date constants are interpreted by using the date format settings of Unica Campaign.

Unica Interact also supports the Vector data type. Vectors are similar to arrays, except that the number of elements is variable. All operators available to Unica Interact can have a Vector for at least one of its arguments.

Given the following:

  • X [operation] Y = Z where X, Y, and Z are vectors
  • Sx, Sy, Sz are the size of each vector
  • Dx, Dy, Dz are the data types for each vector, and X and Y must contain the same data types.

Then the following is true:

  • Sz = Sx * Sy
  • Dx = Dy = Dz

Take the following two examples.

The following table shows how Unica Interact evaluates the expressions IF((X+Y)==10) and IF(NOT((X+Y)==10)) where X={1,2,3} and Y={9,10,11}.

X Y X+Y (X+Y)==10? NOT((X+Y)==10)?
1 9 10 True False
1 10 11 False True
1 11 12 False True
2 9 11 False True
2 10 12 False True
2 11 13 False True
3 9 12 False True
3 10 13 False True
3 11 14 False True

Since the equation must evaluate to either true or false, and at least one of the operations evaluates to true, the result of both the expressions IF((X+Y)==10) and IF(NOT((X+Y)==10)) is true.