Creating interactive flowcharts

Use the Summary tab of a session to add an interactive flowchart.

Before you begin

Important: When you create interactive flowcharts, remember you must define the audience level for the flowchart. You cannot change the audience level of the flowchart after you create it.


  1. Open the Summary tab of the session to which you want to add an interactive flowchart.
  2. Click the Add flowchart icon.

    The Flowchart properties page is displayed.

  3. Enter a name and description for the flowchart.
  4. Select the Standard batch flowchart flowchart type.

    When you select Standard batch flowchart, configuration settings for interactive flowcharts are displayed.

  5. Select the interactive channel for this interactive flowchart.
  6. Select the Audience level for this interactive flowchart.
  7. Click Save and edit flowchart.

    The Edit standard batch flowchart page displays the process palette and a blank flowchart workspace.


You can now edit the interactive flowchart.