Configuring the Snapshot process

You can use an interactive flowchart to configure the Snapshot process.


  1. Open an interactive flowchart for editing (click Edit in the flowchart toolbar).
  2. Drag the Snapshot process from the palette to your flowchart.
  3. Provide input to the Snapshot process by connecting it to a data manipulation process.

    Data manipulation processes include Decision, Interaction, Sample, or Select.

  4. Double-click the Snapshot process.
  5. Select a source cell from the Input drop-down list.

    All output cells from any process that is connected to the Snapshot process are listed in the drop-down list.

  6. Select a table from the Export to list.

    If a table does not exist, select New napped table and follow the instructions for creating a table in the Unica Campaign Administrator's Guide.

  7. Select an option to specify how updates to the output table are handled:
    1. Append to existing data - Append the new information to the end of the table. This is the recommended method for database tables.
    2. Replace all records - Remove any existing data from the table, and replace it with the new information.
    3. Update records - All fields that are specified for snapshot are updated with the values from the current run of the process.
  8. Specify the fields that are written out by the Snapshot process.
    1. The fields in the table are displayed in the Candidate fields list under the Field name column. You can automatically find matching fields by clicking the Match button. Fields with exact matches for the table field names are automatically added to the Fields to snapshot list. If there are multiple matching fields, the first match is taken.
    2. You can manually select the fields to include.
    1. Select the fields that you want to include in your output from the Candidate fields list.

      You can select multiple fields at one time by using Ctrl+Click or a contiguous range of fields by using Shift+Click.

    2. Move selected fields to the Fields to Snapshot list by clicking Add >>.
    3. You can manually modify the pairings by clicking << Remove or Add >>.
    4. If wanted, reorder the fields in the Fields to snapshot list by selecting a field and clicking Up1 or Down1 to move it up or down in the list.
  9. Optional: Click the General tab to add a name and notes to the process or to configure the Process name.

    The name is displayed on the process in the flowchart. The notes are displayed when you point to the process in a flowchart.

  10. Click OK.


The process is configured and appears enabled in the flowchart.