Configuring Decision process branches

Configure a branch in a Decision process to use an interactive flowchart. The Decision process creates branches by dividing the cells that are passed into the process into new cells that are based on configurable criteria.


  1. Complete one of the following actions on the Decision tab of a Decision process:
    • Select a branch and click Edit to edit the branch condition.
    • Click Add branch... to create a branch.
    • Select a branch and click Remove to delete a branch.
  2. In either the Edit branch or New branch dialog boxes, enter a branch name.
  3. If you do not want to create a query, or to select all remaining customers, choose Select all remaining records.

    Choosing Select all remaining records is useful if this Decision process is after several data manipulation processes and the Customer IDs have already been filtered by previous processes.

    Note: To select all remaining customers, you must select Mutually exclusive branches on the Decision process configuration dialog box. If you do not select Mutually exclusive branches, this branch selects all customer IDs connected to the Decision process.

    Select Customer IDs with is selected by default, and the query builder is active.

  4. Select a table from the Select based on drop-down list.
  5. Create a condition for the branch by using queries.
  6. Click OK.


The dialog box closes and you return to the Decision tab of the Decision process. You can continue to configure branches or finish configuring the Decision process.