Treatment rules

Treatment rules are the main guidelines used by Unica Interact to present offers. A treatment rule includes the following three required elements: a smart segment to target, a zone with interactive points where visitor interacts, and an offer or offer list that marketers intend to make. You can assign any number of offers or offer lists to a segment. You can also assign the same offer or offer list to the same segment multiple times with different zones. You can define a treatment rule with same segment, zone, and offer or offer list, but with different properties like personalized offer attributes.

You can also add a marketing score to each rule to add more weightage to the offer within the learning engine.

There are several optional features that you can use to further influence or override treatment rules. For more information about Unica Interact offer serving, see the Unica Interact Administrator's Guide.

If you delete a smart segment or retire an offer, Interact disables any treatment rule that contains the segment or offer.

The smart segments are mapped to cells, which are optionally linked with a campaign. You can edit the cell codes that are associated with each smart segment from the interaction.

To ensure that accurate report data is generated, you must select offers which are created from an offer template with Allow offers created from this template to be used in real-time interactions option enabled.