Offer eligibility

Treatment rules are the first-level methods used by Unica Interact to determine the offers which are eligible for a visitor. Unica Interact has several optional features that you can implement to enrich your offer-to-visitor assignments.

The following list displays the optional features in Unica Interact that you can use to enrich your offer-to-visitor assignments.

  • Offer suppression
  • Global offers
  • Individual offer assignments
  • Score overrides
  • Learning

Before you create your treatment rules, you must confirm the offer eligibility features available to you with your Unica Interact administrator. For example, if you are using a score override table to override the marketing score, it may not be required to change the default marketing score for your treatment rules.

An offer is only eligible if it is falling into effective period (between Effective and Expiration date) and/or an expression is evaluated true at runtime.

You can directly write the expressions for offer eligibility within treatment rules to control how you target offers from outside interactive flowcharts. Some rules may be easier to manage at this level rather than at the segmentation level.

For example, you may write the expression offer.dynamic.ownProductX='yes', that is, if the offer attribute ownProductX is yes, it uses this treatment rule. In this example, you may include a specific offer or you may possess a different score for the offer for the people who already own product X. You can build specific treatment rules, for example, assigning specific offers that are based on offer attributes or the day of the week.

For more information about offer eligibility features, see the Unica Interact Administrator Guide.