Marketing score

Each treatment rule contains a marketing score, which is represented by the slider. The default score is 50. The higher the score, the more likely Unica Interact selects the offer to recommend. Depending on how you configure your treatment rules across multiple campaigns, you can have multiple offers assigned to the same smart segments.

Unica Interact uses the marketing score in determining the offer when multiple offers are available for a single request. For example, to choose between Offer A with the marketing score of 30 and Offer B with the marketing score of 80, Unica Interact presents Offer B.

If there are two or more offers that have the same score, Unica Interact breaks the tie among the offers by making random selection from the matching offers. This helps to ensure that a single visitor interacting in the same zone multiple times is more likely to see different offers on each interaction. If required, you can change this behavior by modifying the Unica Interact |offerServing | offerTieBreakMethod configuration property.

See the "Unica Interact Runtime Configuration Properties" Appendix of the Unica Interact Administrator's Guide for more details.

If you assign the same offer to the same segment with different scores, for example, two different campaigns may create treatment rules for the same interactive channel, Unica Interact uses the higher score.

You can also define the marketing score by using advanced options for the treatment rule. You can build an expression by using macros, offer attributes, session variables, dimension tables, and any value in a customer's profile to define the marketing score.

For example, profileTable.dimensionTable.scoreAdj* MarketerScore, which multiplies the value of the scoreAdjcolumn to the current marketing score defined by the slider for the treatment rule.

You can override any changes to the marketing score made in the interaction strategy by providing data in the Score Override table. Using the Score Override table, you can easily import scores that are generated in PredictiveInsight, Unica Optimize, or some other modeling software. In the Score Override table, you can define scores greater than 100.

If you enable built-in learning, the marketing score is used in the learning algorithms.

For details on working with Score Override table, see the Unica Interact Administrator's Guide.