Using the Unica Interact Outbound Gateway for IBM Universal Behavior Exchange

To use the Unica Interact Outbound Gateway for IBM Universal Behavior Exchange, you must configure Unica Interact, UBX, and the gateway.

Use the following configurations as an example for your configuration.

If you use UBX as an outbound channel, Unica Interact acts as publisher type of endpoint, which publish events to UBX. From UBX these events can be sent to subscriber.

Before you begin the configuration, request for outbound access to host machine. You need net access to be enabled for the host machine.

Registering endpoints and events in UBX

An appropriate endpoint is required to be registered with UBX as a prerequisite. Contact Acoustic for creating endpoints and events in UBX.

Configuring Unica Interact and the gateway

  1. Under the Interact folder, in the file, specify the timeout.
    For example:
    When OMO is configured to use a HTTP connection, a HTTP proxy can be configured optionally with authentication between Interact and the endpoint. To enable the proxy for outbound gateways, update the values of following properties.
    • proxyHost=<IP address of the proxy server>
    • proxyPort=<Listening port of the proxy server>
    • targetUsername=<username for connecting to the proxy server. leave blank if no authentication required>
    • targetPassword=<password for connecting to the proxy server. leave blank if no authentication required>
    For example:
    [Auth Key used to register publisher endpoint and event in UBX]
    [Field name from the file]
  2. Using properties files based mappings

    • Update the values for interactprofileid and eventName in the file.

      You can pass Event Name in three formats: when the value is in double quotes, it is a static value; when the value is in the offer.offerAttributeName format, it maps to the offer attribute offerAttributeName; and when the value is in the profile.profileAttributeName format, it maps to the profile attribute profileAttributeName. The Event Name value should match the code used to register the event in UBX . This is case sensitive. Restart the application server.

      For example:

    • Using UI based mappings.
      • Create a gateway with the name 'UBX' of type Generic Outbound in an Interactive Channel.
      • Create a channel property with the property name as interactProfileIdFieldName and interact field as the endpoint required field name. For example: interactProfileIdFieldName=interactprofileid .
      • In the Mapping section, you can define the eventName in the following three formats:

        eventName=abandoned_shopping_carts (default value can be assigned to get the static eventName)

        eventName=offer.Card (value is retrived from Offer attributes)

        eventName=profile.EMAIL (value is retrived from Profile attributes)

  3. Add a channel under the Interact | triggeredMessage | channel configuration property.
  4. Define the same channel in design time under Campaign | partitions | partition [n] |Interact | outboundChannels
  5. Create a triggered messages rule with an event name and that uses the channel you added in the previous steps.
  6. Deploy the interactive channel.
  7. From the API Test client, start the session for interactive channel where triggered message rule is configured and the post event which triggers the offer to UBX.