The test run profile table

During design-time, you have access only to persisted profile data. Campaign is not connected to a touchpoint and therefore cannot collect real-time session data. To create interactive flowcharts that reference real-time session data and to complete test runs of interactive flowcharts, you must have sample real-time session data in a test run profile table.

At minimum, the test run profile table must contain a list of IDs appropriate for the audience level of the flowchart. For example, if the audience level of a flowchart is Household, the table that is referenced by the Interaction process must contain at least a list of household IDs. You have a test run profile table for each audience level. These tables are mapped for each interactive channel.

The test run profile table also includes a column for each piece of real-time session data that you use in the segmentation logic. For example, if the touchpoint designer collects the name of the web page that a visitor came from, and stores it with the name linkFrom, there is a column that is called linkFrom in the test run profile table.

The test run profile table might also include other data. If you are referencing all your persisted profile data in dimension tables, however, you do not have to include copies of the persisted profile data in the profile table.

The person who designs interactive flowcharts, the person who designs and codes the integration with the touchpoint, and the Unica Interact administrator must all work together to design the test run profile table. The touchpoint designer must provide a list of the real-time session data available. The flowchart designer must provide a list of required data for segmentation, and a list of recommended sample data to test the segmentation logic. The Unica Interact administrator must provide a list of all the optimizations and configuration settings that might affect flowchart design. For example, if you are trying to improve performance by limiting the number of times you access the database, together you must determine which data is in the profile table and which data is in dimension tables.