Interactive flowcharts and data sources

Similar to batch flowcharts, use interactive flowcharts to define the segments that the audience members belong in, based on characteristics of the data that is associated with the segments. However, the data that you use in an interactive flowchart is different from the data that you use in batch flowcharts.

Batch flowcharts use data available in databases. Interactive flowcharts also use persisted profile data from a database, but they can also use real-time session data. The real-time session data can include anything that you can extract from your touchpoint. You can include how long a caller has been on hold, track the website from which the visitor came from, determine the weather at the visitor's location, and so on. The persisted profile data comes from database tables, similar to batch flowcharts. The data can include all the traditional data that you have about your visitors: name, account number, address, and so on.