Known issues

The following table lists issues in Unica Interact 12.1.7.

Issue ID Description
HMA-360358 Wrong version of Interact DT displayed for the Interact DT Upgrade tool.
HMA-360307 For rules without a Start Date and End Date, the acceptance rate does not appear on the UI.

Workaround: Provide Start Date and End Date to view the acceptance rate.

HMA-360306 If you are using ABT in Strategy Rules, after deploying the Interactive Channel on the Deployment.jsp page, you will see an error.
HMA-360172 On Deployment.jsp, within the Parameterized Offer Attributes column, the OA Expression is not being displayed.
HMA-360150 On the RTA page, dropdown list items are available only in English language.
HMA-360107 When executing longevity runs with LocalEHCache, you will observe some errors or slow performance.
HMA-360027 Sometimes, Campaign deletion fails.
HMA-359931 You cannot connect interact jmxmp from jconsole (interact folder) but you can connect interact jmxmp from java installation folder.
HMA-359203 If Message Connector is deployed in the same application server instance as Interact run time, the following error appears only when you restart the Message Connector application:

[ServletContext@1932695468[app:MessageConnector module:MessageConnector.war path:null spec-version:4.0]] Servlet failed with an Exception java.lang.IllegalStateException: Cache[MessageConnectorCache] is closed


Restart the whole application server instance.

HMA-358317 When you invoke the API Get Outbound channels from Swagger UI, you will see the following error:

Internal Server Error

HMA-357528 The Duplicate entry 184884-1-0-0 for key PRIMARY exception is seen when you run to upgrade Interact Run Time.

Workaround: To add the Distributed option, run the following command:

configTool.bat -vp -p "Affinium|interact|cacheManagement|Cache Managers|EHCache|Parameter Data|cacheType" -f ehcache-cacheType-dropdown.xml

If there is an issue while adding values, run the following command before running the earlier command:

configTool.bat -d -p "Affinium|interact|cacheManagement|Cache Managers|EHCache|Parameter Data|cacheType|value" -o

HMA-355974 If you use Safari browser, the Cancel and Add buttons do not appear in the Add New Rule window for FlexOffer.
HMA-355126 An error is seen while deploying unica.ear file on JBoss.
Workaround: Add the following line of code in <EAR-File>.ear\META-INF\jboss-deployment-structure.xml
<module name="org.apache.logging.log4j.api"/>

Make similar changes to unica.ear in sub-deployment.

HMA-355052 In case of Interact installer, the EAR file generation does not ask for InteractDT.
HMA-354698 The newly added time related formats, YMDT, MDYT, DMYT, and HHmmss, are not supported in the validation of interactive flowcharts.

Workaround: Ignore the validation error. They will work once being deployed to the run time.

HMA-352971 An empty IntearctDT folder is created on a setup only Interact run time is installed.
HMA-352587 Installer creates both DT and RT folders even if user chooses only one of them.
HMA-352144 If Interact Design Time is deployed with a URL different than that of Campaign, the configuration Affinium|InteractDT|navigation needs to be updated accordingly after installation.
HMA-349786 On Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 7.4, Interact Design Time Swagger does not work.


  1. Open the URL: _http://host:port/Campaign/swagger-ui.html_
  2. Update the base URL in the prompt: _http://host:port/Campaign/api/interact/rest/v2/_
HMA-349258 The bin folder is missing in the <Interact_Home>/Interact/tools location if you only install RT. You may also see the following error:

ERROR [LicenseUpdater] com.unicacorp.interact.dao.jdbc.TrackItemDAOJdbcImpl Error serializing data for item - <item details>

java.nio.file.NoSuchFileException: C:\Install\RT222Aug\Interact\tools\bin\ProcessInfo.dat


Manually create an empty folder bin under <Interact_Home>/Interact/tools.

HMA-348915 If Interact run time crashes or the connection to the Campaign database is lost while running a coverage analysis simulation, the simulation status needs to be manually updated in the database.

Bulk update does not work properly after bulk copy.

Workaround: Save the strategy after each bulk operation.

HMA-337028 Websphere 8.5.5 - GDPR API returnZip functionality creates corrupted or blank zip file.

To return the generated SQL scripts, WebSphere 9.0 or later releases are required.

To work around, set the returnZip flag to false, which makes the API to return SQL statements in a JSON format embedded in the response.

HMA-329365 The following error occurs while upgrading the design time MariaDB:
database from 12.1.
"ERROR upgradeTool.ACMigSysDBUpgradeTask [] - SQL execution
failed: (conn=1771631) Unknown column 'Name' in 'uaci_smartrule'"Solution: verify a column "RuleName" exists and column "Name" does not in the table UACI_SmartRule.

You can ignore this error.


For the Safari browser, the right side grid on the event pattern popup window may be distorted after some series of operations.

Workaround: Close the popup window and reopen it.


An error occurs on Trigger message tab of Interactive channel, when the users configure Journey Outbound Channel on version 12.1 under Affinium| Campaign|partitions|partition1|Interact|outboundChannels.


Delete the previously created outbound channels and create newchannels with the same name. Mappings can be done from the user interface on the Gateway tab of Strategy.

HMA-323938 Syntax check fails when Strng_concat function is used in InteractiveFlowchart with numeric values.

Workaround: Use FORMAT macro to convert numeric values to strings and then use STRING_CONCAT.

HMA-322890 In the Event Pattern report, the advanced event pattern name is getting truncated for long strings.
HMA-310853 REST API Swagger: Search criteria condition and multiple attribute sorting is not working from Swagger.
HMA-309271 Unable to create OM by selecting CSV file from Swagger UI.
HMA-287552 In an expression, if you use a table name or field name that begins with IN, the evalualtion of the expression fails.
290149 Jboss: Initializing monitoring service Failed with JMXMP Protocol.

Workaround: In case of the JBOSS Application Server if you get the 'classes are not found' Error during the Application server initialization, you must explicitly provide a path in the specific Jboss module.xml as per the jar available in Lib.


Class name: GetPropertyAction

Package Name: com/sun/jmx/mbeanserver

Jar name: rt.jar (basically available in jdk)

So add in Jboss module.xml at the location: <Jboss_Install_Dir>\modules\system\layers\base\sun\jdk\main\module.xml