Fixed defects

The following table lists defects that are fixed in Unica Interact V12.1.7.

Issue ID Description
HMA-359054Session ID was remaining a constant before and after login
HMA-358980Internal page was accessible without authentication.
HMA-358935getOffers was failing with NullPointerException when the associated campaign had expiration date set
HMA-358769Message Connector UACI_MESSAGE_CONNECTOR_LOG insert statements was hanging the database
HMA-358224When using SOAP API, NaN was sometimes being passed as the numeric value when the parameter value was string.
HMA-357284Triggered actions were requiring a redeployment after restart.
HMA-356577Search functionality was not returning all matching results while copying strategy rules based on Offer
HMA-356569The refresh of configuration was interfering with other threads and was degrading the overall performance.
HMA-356407If A/B test was enabled for one or more rules in a strategy, the deployment of the strategy was taking a long time.
HMA-355388Nested STRING_CONCAT macro does was not working.
HMA-355380Format macro was failing with the following error: java.math.BigDecimal cannot be cast to java.lang.Double.
HMA-355354Could not open Simulator Page for Spanish locale.
HMA-355033UI elements were distorted on standard resolution for German language.
HMA-355003The following error was appearing when loading event pattern states -- java.lang.NullPointerException.
HMA-354932An error was observed when cancelling long running coverage scenarios
HMA-354743Sometimes, the same offer was being presented all the times in repetitive getOffer() calls despite multiple eligible offers having the same score and tie breaker being set to random.
HMA-354721Deployment was failing if the name of the interactive channel to be deployed contained single quote (‘).
HMA-354615If the name of an object was all numeric, it was not getting retrieved from the server. This was happening in both Interact UI, and the REST API exposed by Interact design time.
HMA-354612Filter of OfferName with space in beginning, from FlexOfferRule or SmartRule, was not returning the expected value.
HMA-338570Within Flex Offers, after clicking Add Rule/Criteria and choosing Add Rule, if you picked an offer that went beyond the 10th option, the Offer Code was not getting populated. You could click Add even though was showing Offer Code as a Required value.