Adding a learning model to customize offers for a visitor

You can add learning models to monitor the actions of the visitors that visit your website. Based on the previous actions of the visitors, you can determine the best offers for them.

About this task

You can edit a learning model by clicking the name of the learning model on the Self learning tab.

You can delete a learning model by selecting the check box next to its name and clicking the Delete icon.


  1. Click the Add model icon on the Self learning tab of an interactive channel.

    The Add/edit learning model dialog box opens.

  2. Enter a Name for the learning model.
  3. Enter a Description for the learning model.

    This description is displayed on the Self learning tab to identify this learning model.

  4. Complete the definition for the learning model by adding visitor attributes and/ or Event Patterns to the Predictive attributes of interest list.

    This list specifies which visitor attributes, Event patterns you want Unica Interact to monitor to determine the best offers to present to visitors.

    Note: Two different ICs having two different patterns used in learning models and deployed- When posted an event from IC2's pattern event pattern from IC1 is also written to the Learning Table. Fundamentally, Unica Interact is designed to be cross channel, so the idea of learning is that the system can learn and apply attributes from all channels.
  5. Click Enable to make this learning model active within the parameters you defined.
  6. Click Save and return to go back to the Self learning tab or Save and add another to continue adding learning models.