Reset event patterns

It can be used to reset patterns of three pattern types that have no time constraints. You can specify the reset criteria for event patterns which is used to reset a pattern after a visitor starts a session. When the event pattern is reset, the status is set to False and all counters are set to zero.

Use the Reset criteria tab in the Add event pattern window to specify the reset criteria. You can set only one criteria at a time.

Reset criteria for event patterns

Reset criteria Input Description
None No reset criteria is specified.
Inactivity Specify time in Hours,Days, orWeeks. Reset the event pattern if the visitor is inactive for the specified time.

Specify the following:

  • Number of days
  • Time of the day
  • Starting date
Reset every x number of days at the specified time of day, starting from the specified date.
When an event occurs Select the pattern state with either of the following options:
  • not met
  • any
Select the event.
If the pattern state is not met:
  • When the selected event occurs, the event pattern is reset. The events available for selection are events other than the ones that are selected for the event pattern definition on the Pattern tab.
  • Multiphase events are not supported.
  • Only the events from the current interactive channel can be used as Event Pattern Reset events.

If the pattern state is any, whether the event pattern state is met or not met, you can reset pattern state.

The reset criteria is applicable only when the event pattern is active and the event pattern status is not set to True. If the status for the event pattern is set to True, the reset criteria does not apply. After the event pattern status is set to True, the event pattern remains in this state for 1 day or for the period specified in Extend true state for additional (time). The event pattern status is then set to False again.

Setting the Reset criteria is optional. By default, the Reset criteria is set as None.
Note: Event pattern reset criteria does not work with Advanced Event Patterns.
Upgrading: If you are upgrading from a version prior to v10.1, the reset criteria for all event patterns is set to None by default.