Define event patterns to personalize offers to the visitor

An event pattern is a flexible way to personalize offers that are based on patterns of visitor activities. When the visitor's behavior matches the defined event pattern, it triggers specific actions or places visitors in pre-defined segments to some eligible offers defined by Interact strategies. Event patterns are also sometimes referred to as behavior triggers.

Event pattern data is specific to audience identifier and spans interactive sessions. Event pattern statuses are loaded at the beginning of each visitor interactive session and stored at the end of each interactive session.

Examples of event patterns

Here are some examples of events that you may use in event patterns resulting in the offering of relevant offers to your customers.

  • A website visitor views a specified combination of pages or visits certain pages the specified number of times.
  • A website visitor downloads specified documents or views specified media.
  • A call center representative enters a specified reason for the call or a specified service request that results from the call.