Advanced query builder in Triggered Action

In release 12.1.7, we have introduced the advanced query buider for Triggerd Action for setting the eligibility criteria.

The query builder behaves in the same way as the query builder in FlexOffers for adding filters. Perform the following steps to use the advanced query builder:
  1. In the Trigger section, select Eligibility.
  2. Select the required Audience level.
  3. Use the AND or OR toggle to select the condition.
  4. Select:
    1. Add Rule to add a rule.
    2. Add Group to add a rule group.
  5. Select values for the following fields:
    • Condition Type
    • Subject
    • Operator
  6. Enter an appropriate value for the following field:
    • Value
  7. If required, select X to remove a rule or select Delete Group to remove a rule group.
  8. To save the rules, click Save.

Similar to FlexOffers, you can see the query in plain text within braces. You can view the query in either of the following ways:

  • In the Triggered actions listing page, hover the mouse over the Eligibility column of the required Triggered action. You will see a preview of the query.
  • In the Create Triggered Action or Edit Triggered Action panel, hover the mouse over the Eligibility column and you will see the preview of the query.