Viewing the Deployment tab

Each interactive channel includes a tab where you can see detailed information about any active deployments of this interactive channel, view any pending changes to the deployment status of the interactive channel, and see the history of past deployments. You can also use the Deployment tab to deploy, redeploy, and undeploy interactive channel settings. This section describes what you can view on the Deployment tab.

Active deployments

This section contains information about which deployments are active in each server group you defined. For example, you might have one version of the interactive channel that is deployed to your test server group, while another, fully tested version of the interactive channel is deployed on your production servers group.

Pending changes

These are the components that are marked for deployment but are not deployed yet. The title of the Pending changes section indicates how many objects are changed by the pending deployments.

This section only lists pending flowcharts and strategies, and does not include entries for interaction points or other settings pending deployment. You can deploy here, or deploy the global settings only. This table includes the following information:

Indicates the type of change that this entry in the table represents, such as flowchart, interactive strategy, and so on.
Change waiting for deployment
A link to the interactive flowchart or interaction strategy that contains the change.
Source of change
A link to the session or campaign that contains the change.
Change type
Whether the change is new (Addition/Update) or a retraction (Undeployment).
Date requested
The date and time the change was marked for deployment.
Wait time
The time that passed since the change was marked for deployment. This value does not refresh automatically, but is updated when you reload the page or click the Refresh button.
The user name of the Unica Interact user who marked the change for deployment.

If the item is disabled, the item was in the previous deployment but is not marked for deployment. For example, your original deployment contained interactive flowcharts A and B, and interaction strategies C and D. You can change interaction strategy C and mark it for deployment. The Change aiting for deployment list displays A, B, C, and D, but only C is black. A, B, and D are disabled. You change interactive flowchart B, but do not mark it for deployment. If you deploy now, Unica Interact deploys the original A, B, and D, and the new version of C. Unica Interact does not use the new version of flowchart B because it was not marked for deployment.

Deployment history

All of the deployment history that is captured in Unica Interact can be viewed here and sorted by any of the column types shown. You can also filter the information that is shown here by server group and by status. For example, you might use the column filter to show only the interactive channels that are deployed to your production server group.

The Deployment history section contains the following information:

Version name
The name that you assigned to this version of the deployment, in the Deploy interactive channel changes or Deploy global settings only dialogs.
Version number
The number assigned to this version of the deployment.
The type of deployment, such as deploying the interactive channel with all global settings, deploying only the global settings, and so on.
Global settings
Whether global settings were included in the deployment or not (a check mark indicates that they were). Note that you cannot sort on the Global settings status.
Deployment description
The description that you entered into the deployment dialog at the time of deployment.
The date and time of the deployment.
Server Group
The name of the server group to which the deployment was sent.
The name of the user account that requested the deployment.
Whether the deployment was successful or failed. Deployments with a status of "Failed" cannot be redeployed or reloaded to the design time.
Interactive channel name
The name of the interactive channel at the time it was deployed. If you have renamed the interactive channel since the deployment, this name is not updated.

There are also page controls that determine the maximum number of rows to show per page of this list (5, 10, 20, and so on), and links to go to the start of the list, previous and next pages of the list, and the end of the list.