Understanding runtime servers

Runtime servers are the workhorses of your Unica Interact implementation. The runtime servers listen and respond to requests from the touchpoint through the Unica Interact API. When your touchpoint requests an offer, it is the runtime server that responds with the offer.

Unica Interact works with server groups. A server group contains one or more runtime servers. If you have multiple runtime servers, you can configure them to work with a load balancer for better performance. Your touchpoint must be configured to communicate with these runtime servers.

You can have multiple server groups. You might have one group for your call center and one for your website. You might also have one group that is for testing and one that is working with a live, customer-facing touchpoint. Each interactive channel can have one production server group only.

After you finish designing and configuring your interaction in the design environment and completed the Unica Interact API code work with your touchpoint, you are ready to send, or deploy, the interaction data to the runtime server. After you deploy the interaction data to the runtime server, you can start testing how the touchpoint works with Unica Interact.