Use the following steps to undeploy a deployment.

About this task

If you are bringing an interactive channel or touchpoint offline, you can undeploy a deployment.

When you undeploy, Unica Interact disables the data from the previous deployment from the selected runtime server.

Note: In most cases, avoid undeploying from a production server because undeploying effectively turns off the rules for the interactive channel. Instead, correct the data and deploy your changes, or use the Redeploy feature in the Deployment history section to replace the deployed settings with a prior version.


  1. Navigate to the Deployment tab of the interactive channel you want to undeploy.
  2. In the Active deployments section, select a deployment to a specific server group and click Undeploy.

    Clicking Undeploy starts the process to remove the interaction configuration from the runtime server group. If the deployment was to a production server group, there are safeguards to confirm that you are ready to send the changes to a production server because this is a customer-facing system. A red warning icon on this button indicates that there are changes that have not been deployed to the production server group.

  3. Optional: Provide an explanation of the reasons for undeploying in the Deployment description field.
  4. Confirm that you verified the consequences by selecting the check box.

    The Undeploy the interactive channel button does not become active until you confirm the consequences.

  5. Click Undeploy the interactive channel.
  6. Enter the user name and password for a valid Unica Interact user on the Unica Interact runtime and click Log in to server.

    If you complete multiple deployments during the same Unica Campaign user session, the login data for the Unica Interact run time is cached, so you do not have to enter it again.


The data is disabled on the selected Unica Interact runtime server group. You can view the results in the Deployment History section of the deployment tab, or in the Interactive channel deployment history report. Undeploy does not remove data that is used in reports. In Campaign and Interact, if you deploy an Interactive Strategy to an Interact Runtime server, then all the offers referenced in the Strategy cannot be deleted, even if the Strategy is undeployed and the offers removed from that Strategy. Also, once an offer has been deployed, all the contents may be audited in the future, and hence you will not be able to change it any more.

If you undeploy all interactive channels and their associated data from an Unica Interact runtime server, it does not disassociate the runtime server from the design environment.