An offer represents a single marketing message, which can be delivered in various ways.

In Unica Campaign, you create offers that can be used in one or more campaigns.

Offers are reusable:

  • In different campaigns
  • At different points in time
  • For different groups of people (cells)
  • As different "versions" by varying the offer's parameterized fields

You assign offers to interaction points in the touchpoints that are presented to visitors.

Interact supports "DRAFT", "PUBLISHED" and "RETIRED" Centralized Offer Management states. Only "PUBLISHED" offers can be used and deployed in Interact. If any "PUBLISHED" offer in Interact, is redrafted or retired, the corresponding status "(redraft)/(retired)" is displayed with the offer.

Note: Each offer used in Interact must have an unique offer code. It is case insensitive. In addition, each offer attribute must have a unique name. It is case insensitive.