Real-time offer personalization on the client side

There may be situations where you want to provide real-time offer personalization without implementing low-level Java code or SOAP calls to the Unica Interact server. For example, when a visitor initially loads a web page where Javascript content is your only extended programming available, or when a visitor opens an email message where only HTML content is possible. Unica Interact provides several connectors that provide real-time offer management in situations where you have control only over the web content that is loaded on the client side, or where you want to simplify your interface to Unica Interact.

Your Unica Interact installation includes two connectors for offer personalization that is initiated on the client side:

  • About the Unica Interact Message Connector. Using the Message Connector, web content in email messages (for example) or other electronic media can contain image and link tags to make calls to the Unica Interact server for page-load offer presentation and click-through landing pages.
  • About the Unica Interact Web Connector. Using the Web Connector (also called the JS Connector) web pages can use client-side JavaScript to manage offer arbitration, presentation, and contact/response history through page-load offer presentation and click-through landing pages.