Unica Interact and Digital Data Exchange integration

With Digital Data Exchange, your website can link to Unica Interact to provide a powerful omni-channel execution engine that delivers the best offers to the optimum channels and evolves (learns) from the offer feedback to continuously increase marketing effectiveness.

You can use this tool if your marketing team uses Unica Interact for omni-channel offer management and wants to extend these personalized intelligent offers to your websites.

IBM Digital Data Exchange integrates and third party marketing solutions with digital customer insights through a real-time data syndication API and an enterprise-grade tag management solution.

Without IBM Digital Data Exchange, marketers depend on IT to link Unica Interact to their website and call theUnica Interact API from various webpages. With IBM Digital Data Exchange, marketers can bypass IT and go directly to IBM Digital Data Exchange to include IBM Digital Data Exchange tags on various webpages.