Unica Interact reports data

Unica Interact reporting requires three sets of data to report on: the data from your design environment, data from your production runtime environment, and data from the learning module. For example, the Channel Offer Performance Summary report requires data from the Unica Campaign data source for data about offers, and data from the contact and response history from the production runtime server.

The runtime environment stores all contact and response history in staging tables to avoid impeding the performance of the production environment. Unica Interact provides a contact and response history module which copies data from the runtime server to the design environment for your reports to have the correct data. If you do not configure this utility, the reports cannot have the correct data.

Several reports require specific data about offers. To ensure that the reports contain the correct data, you must use offers that are created with an offer template with Allow offers created from this template to be used in real-time interactions enabled.