Ability to support real-time attributes

A real-time attribute is an attribute defined by users. The values of the attribute come from API or other external source at run-time other than from profile tables. These values can be used in expressions of Flowchart for segmentation or Strategy for offer selections at run-time. A real-time attribute can have data type of String, Numeric and Date. It can also have default value if no value is passed in at run-time. Once a real-time attribute is defined, it is globally available in Interact without tying to any IC, audience level or profile table.

You can define User Variables, Derived Fields and Session Variables in a Flowchart. But these attributes are too tied to Flowchart and Unica Campaign UI and are not easy to be managed by Unica Interact. They are retained, gradually we discourage you using those attributes and encourage you to shift to using real-time attributes instead.