Unica Interact and Unica Deliver integration

Unica Deliver is a web-based, enterprise scale marketing message solution that you can use to conduct outbound bulk messaging like email, SMS, Push, and WhatsApp, and transactional messaging campaigns.

Interact has rich capabilities to come up with the best offers possible in real-time for the users. Unica Interact can integrate with Deliver so that a continuous communication can be established with users based on the inputs from Interact. The Interact audience information can be pushed to Deliver, thereby enabling a continuous customer dialog. Interact-Deliver integration aims to leverage Deliver’s outbound capabilities to configure and contact a user with the appropriate offers based on their events and activities.

Deliver-Interact integration is enabled through the Gateway tab under the Interactive channel user interface. This enables the capability to select the type of Deliver communication along with the relevant Deliver templates and map Interact fields with Deliver fields.