Unica Interact data sources

Unica Interact requires several sets of data to function. The sets of data are stored and retrieved from data sources, and the data sources you set up depend on the Unica Interact features you are enabling.

  • Unica Campaign system tables. Beyond all the data for Unica Campaign, the Unica Campaign system tables contain data for Unica Interact components that you create in the design environment, such as treatment rules and interactive channels. The design environment and the Unica Campaign system tables use the same physical database and schema.
  • Runtime tables(systemTablesDataSource). This data source contains the deployment data from the design environment, staging tables for contact and response history, and runtime statistics.
  • Profile tables (prodUserDataSource). This data source contains any customer data, beyond information that is gathered in real time, that is required by interactive flowcharts to properly place visitors into smart segments. If you are relying entirely on real-time data, you do not need profile tables. If you are using profile tables, you must have at least one profile table per audience level that is used by the interactive channel.

    The profile tables can also contain the tables that are used for augmenting offer serving, including tables for offer suppression, score override, and global and individual offer assignment.

  • Test run tables (testRunDataSource). This data source contains a sample of all data that is required by interactive flowcharts to place visitors into smart segments, including data that mimics what is gathered in real time during an interaction. These tables are required for the server group that is designated as the test run server group for the design environment only.
  • Learning tables (learningTablesDataSource). This data source contains all data that is gathered by the built-in learning utility. These tables can include a table that defines dynamic attributes. If you are not using learning or are using an external learning utility that you create, you do not need learning tables.
  • Contact and response history for cross-session response (contactAndResponseHistoryDataSource). This data source contains either the Unica Campaign contact history tables or a copy of them. If you are not using the cross-session response feature, you do not need to configure these contact history tables.