Workflow Templates page

You use the options on the Workflow Templates page to import, export, delete, enable, or disable previously created and saved workflow templates.

The Workflow Templates page lists all the workflow templates and presents the following information and functions.

Table 1. Options on the Workflow Templates page
Control Description
Name The name of the workflow template.
Stages / Tasks The number of stages and tasks in the workflow, which is separated by a '/' character. For example, the value in this column for a workflow that has 5 stages and 30 tasks is 5 / 30.

Created Date

Creation Date

The date the template was created.

Last Modified Date

Last Modify Date

The date of the most recent change that is made to the template.
Status Whether the template is enabled or disabled. When a workflow template is created, its status is set to Enabled by default.
Export link Exports the workflow template to an XML file. You can then import it into another Collaborate system.

Import Workflow Template link

Import icon (Page with diskette and arrow that points right image)

Imports an XML file with workflow template data. Typically, you create these files by exporting them from another Collaborate system.

Enable/Disable Workflow Template link


Marks the selected templates as enabled or disabled. A disabled workflow template cannot be imported into a projectList, On-demand Campaign, or Corporate Campaign template.

Delete Selected Workflow Template link

Delete icon (Page with X image)

Deletes the selected workflow templates.