Adding an attachment to a task

To add attachments for a task, a project owner must enable adding attachments for the task. New attachments are added to the Attachments tab for the task.

Before you begin

The following users can add or remove task attachments.

  • Task owners can add attachments only to their tasks.
  • Task owners and users with the Delete Attachment security permission for projects can delete task attachments.

About this task

Adding attachments to tasks is similar to adding attachments to other objects (such as programs). However, note the following behavior that is specific for adding attachments to tasks.

Note the following restrictions:

  • You cannot use markup on task attachments
  • There is no versioning for task attachments: uploading a new version overwrites the existing version of the attachment.
  • It is possible to have multiple task attachments with the same name for the same task. This situation can occur if multiple owners of the task each upload a file with the same name. You can differentiate the files by the user who created the attachment.
  • You can add and remove attachments no matter the state of the task. That is, even if a task is marked complete or skipped, you can still add and remove attachments.
  • The Attachments tab for a projecta Corporate Campaign, On-demand Campaign, or Advanced List is divided into two sections: one for files that are attached directly to the projectCorporate Campaign, On-demand Campaign, or Advanced List, and one for files that are attached to the tasks.
  • If a task owner adds task attachments, and later the projectCorporate Campaign, On-demand Campaign, or Advanced List owner sets the Enable Task Attachment flag to false, attachments can no longer be added or removed from the Post Task Update dialog. However, task attachments for the projectCorporate Campaign, On-demand Campaign, or Advanced List can still be removed from the Attachments tab.


  1. Navigate to the task to which you would like to add an attachment.

    Click the task from a project workflow or from the Tasks list page.

    The Post Task Update dialog box opens.
  2. Click the Attachments tab.

    The tab displays any attachments that exist for the task.

  3. In the File to Attach field, select From My Computer, From the Asset Library, or URL.
  4. Complete one of the following actions:
    • Click Browse to attach a file that is on your computer. When the dialog box appears, navigate to the file you want to attach and click Open.
    • Click Browse Library to attach a file in an asset library. Click the library that contains the file you want to add. Use the tree in the left pane of the screen to navigate to the folder and then the asset that you want to attach. Click Accept Asset when you view the asset in the right pane.
    • Enter the URL in the field provided.
  5. Add any comments about the attachment.
  6. Click Add More to display an extra set of fields for each additional attachment you want to add.
  7. After you add all your attachments, click Save and Return to close the dialog box.