Policy Settings

On the Policy Settings page, Deliver administrators designate the email domains that are available to email marketers for use as the From: domain in the email header when the marketers create and configure email communications.


The list of available security policies displays when the Policy Settings page opens. A security policy consists of multiple roles. Each role contains a set of permissions that determine the actions users can perform and the objects that they can access. In the Deliver Document Composer, security policies control access to the folders in which email marketers have permission to create new email communications.

Deliver administrators grant permissions to use specific email domains by modifying the security polices associated with specific folders. For example, if you maintain multiple brands, you might create folders in the Content Library for each brand, and create a security policy for each folder. To restrict each brand to specific email domains, configure each security policy to allow access to a specific email domain or set of domains.

Click a security policy name to see which email domains are available under the policy.


The Domains section lists all of the email domains that are currently configured for your hosted email account. From the list, select the email domains that you want to be available to users in the drop-down list for the From: domain field in the email header of an email communication in the Message Editor.

Click Use all domains to allow users associated with the policy to use any of the email domains that HCL has configured for your hosted email account.

Click Use specific domains to select specific domains. For the users associated with the security policy, only the selected domains appear as options in the From: domain drop-down menu.