Add a Mobile App Key

Use the Mobile App Keys page to register a mobile app with Deliver. Register each combination of mobile app and mobile operating system separately on the Mobile App Keys page.

You must specify the following.

  • App Name. Enter a name that displays to marketers when they specify the app in the configuration of a notification push.
  • Description. Enter a description of the app helps marketers distinguish between the different apps that are available.
  • App Key Type. Indicate whether the app is used for Testing or Production. The app key type corresponds to the provisioning profile or project type that you created when the app was registered with Apple or Google, respectively.
  • Operating syetem. Indicate the mobile operating system on which the mobile app runs. Deliver supports Apple iOS and Google Android.
  • Default time zone. Enter the time zone that the system uses when it cannot determine the time zone for the mobile device.
  • Google API key. Enter the API key for Android apps.
  • Certificate file. Enter the certificate file that is associated with an iOS app.
  • Certificate password. Displays when you specify iOS as the operating system. Enter the password for the certificate file that is associated with the iOS app.
  • Security Policies. Indicate which security policy or combination of policies controls access to the app configuration.

When you save the changes, the system assigns the App Key. You cannot edit this value. Use the App Key to modify your app to work with Unica messaging services and Deliver.

For more information, see the Unica Deliver Startup and Administrator's Guide.