Fixed defects

Version 12.1.4

This section lists fixed defects in Unica Deliver, version 12.1.4.

Table 1. Fixed Defects in 12.1.4
Issue Issue ID Description
Image in the email was smeared on Apple iOS app. HMA-338352 Default email app of iPhone was not supported for email. iPhone has a default email app and when you open the email using the default email app, the image looked smeared.
Deliver kept sending SMSs HMA-343828 Deliver was sending multiple SMSs. After a number (3313) of SMSs were sent via Deliver from a FlowChart, recipients are complaining that they were getting the same SMSs repeatedly, every 15 minutes.
Expired Links were getting tracked in the UCC_RESPONSE table HMA-342959 After the link expired, if you open the link in the mailing and check UCC_RESPONSE table, the UCC_RESPONSE table was still getting populated with RESPTYPE=1.
Bounce responses were getting stuck at OD side while processing from RCT HMA-342217 Bounce data was not getting pulled in through RCT. A daily restart of RCT was not restarting the bounce thread mailresp.
Delays in RCT responses. HMA-337911 There were delays in RCT responses.
Landing page version 7 format issue HMA-339606 Unica landing page sent in emails were not working.
Application crash post applying the SFTP hot fix for Deliver HMA-339303

There was an issue with the SFTP hot fix for Deliver. The memory was slowly draining out causing the application to crash due to unavailability of free memory. The error message java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: unable to create new native thread was appearing.

Deliver password was getting exposed in network logs HMA-339218 If you navigate to Campaign >> Quick builder and check the network logs you would have noticed that the deliver account password was being exposed on a whoami call. This was a security issue.
deliver.jar MANIFEST file was not updated with new log4j JAR in 12.1.2 docker images HMA-338575

After installing 12.1.2 docker images, customer was unable to run any of the utilities for deliver. It was observed that <deliver>/lib contains the following latest log4j jars:

  • log4j-api-2.17.1.jar
  • log4j-core-2.17.1.jar
  • log4j-1.2-api-2.17.1.jar

But the MANIFEST.MF of deliver.jar had references of old log4j jars.

Landing page URL was not getting redirected to the correct URL HMA-334748 If the customer created email, using Quick Builder, and used their own URL, once the email was sent from Unica Deliver, the URL was getting redirected to an HCL URL.