Known limitations

This section lists known limitations in Deliver.

Issue Issue ID Description
Deliver is not supported in Google's Incognito mode HMA-313067 Deliver is not supported in Google's Incognito mode of Chrome browser.
SMS - Single flowchart schedule cannot be used for email and SMS. HMA-312518 A single campaign flowchart schedule can be used to schedule multiple email mailings but it does not work in same way with SMS. For SMS, single flowchart schedule cannot be used for multiple instances.
Social media icons are not displayed for "view as webpage" functionality. HMA-310734 Sometimes, hyperlink functionality is disabled. Users can see the link name, but are unable to click it.
Document editor throws locking issue sporadically. HMA-307315 A locking issue is sporadically observed in the Message editor.

Workaround: Copy the content / mailing and continue.

Partition2Admin is unable to add base content. HMA-311117 The application throws an exception when the user logs in as Partition2Admin and creates mailings. Users must first create folder and then create mailings.

Continuous RCT restart attempts on UNIX systems


On UNIX systems, if the RCT is running as a daemon and you then issue the start command, the system continues to attempt to start the RCT. The expected behavior is that rct start should exit when it detects that the RCT is already running.

This does not happen on Windows systems.

Email addresses cannot exceed 64 characters


Deliver will not send email messages that contain a To: address that exceeds 64 characters (excluding the domain name).

If a mailing contains email with addresses over 64 characters long, the individual email messages will fail pre-execution validation when you run the mailing. Deliver will mark the failed emails as having invalid email addresses and send the rest of the mailing.

Navigating away from the Document Composer ends the session without saving changes HMA-312477

When you are editing an email or landing page document in the Deliver Document Composer, navigating to another page (for example, to view a mailing tab) ends the Document Composer session. The system prompts you to confirm that you want to leave the page, but it does not prompt you to save your changes. You changes are lost if you do not save the page before you navigate away from the Document Composer.

To avoid this issue, save your changes before you navigate away from the Document Composer.