Personalized WhatsApp messaging

Creating and sending standard personalized WhatsApp requires you to create a template in the Message Editor using WhatsApp templates approved by WhatsApp service provider. Only pre-approved WhatsApp templates can be used to send personalized messages. You are required to create a recipient list in Unica Campaign and design a WhatsApp message in the Message Editor. However, personalized WhatsApp which is sent as transactional WhatsApp does not take information from a recipient list. For a transactional WhatsApp message, personalization data must be included in the message request.

From version 12.1.4 onwards, Deliver supports conversational messages and replies on Whatsapp. All the reply messages from a user are associated with the last mailing sent to user. The replies are available in the UCC_WhatsAppReplyMessage Deliver system table.

Note: Only text replies from users will be processed and made available in the UCC_WhatsAppReplyMessage table.

License monitoring has also been updated to exclude the counting of referral SMS and WhatsApp messages.

The diagram illustrates the overall workflow for sending personalized WhatsApp messages and the major Deliver components that are involved in the process.

email workflow

Table 1. Workflow for personalized WhatsApp


Standard and transactional messaging.

Deliver supports standard outbound WhatsApp campaigns that address large numbers of WhatsApp recipients. Deliver also supports transactional WhatsApp that addresses a single recipient in response to a transaction. Both types of WhatsApp can be personalized.


Select and upload recipient data to include WhatsApp number and other personalized information.

For standard mailings, run a Campaign flowchart to create an Output List Table (OLT). Transactional WhatsApp receives address and personalization information from your transaction management systems according to instructions contained in a WSDL.


Create a WhatsApp communication in the Message Editor.

Users can add personalized information (Name, address, etc.) and the actual text of the WhatsApp under the "message body".


Configure a messaging with channel as WhatsApp.

Navigate to your campaign created and click Add messages under the Summary section. This messaging references an OLT and WhatsApp text that you keep in messaging editor. For transactional WhatsApp, personalization data is contained in the transactional WhatsApp request.


Run the messaging.

You can run the messaging manually, schedule the messaging to run at a specific date and time, or schedule it to run after a scheduled flowchart run. Deliver generates each message by merging recipient data with the referenced WhatsApp text that defines the message. Each transactional WhatsApp message is also based on the design of the referenced document.


Transmit the messages.

Deliver transmits WhatsApp messages to WhatsApp Service Provider.


Download the contact and response data.

The Response and Contact Tracker (RCT) is installed with Campaign behind your corporate firewall. The RCT periodically requests the tracking data that Unica recorded.


Contact and response data is stored in the Deliver system tables.

Contact and response data is stored in the Deliver system tables. The RCT stores the data that it receives in various system tables. The Deliver system tables are part of the Campaign database schema.