Folder permissions

When you create a folder (if you have create permissions), you must specify the security policy that controls access to its contents. The security policy applies to all subfolders. When you create a subfolder, the system applies the security policy of the top-level folder to the contents of the subfolder. You cannot change the security policy that is applied to subfolders.

Your ability to find, create, edit, view, delete, or move content and communications in the Message Editor and Content Library depends on the security policy that is applied to the folder that contains the content or communication. The security policy determines the access permissions that are granted to your user role.

When you move a communication between folders that have different security policies, you must republish the communication.

The user that you specify when you log in to HCL Unica is associated with a role. Roles and permissions to find and access content and communications are configured by system administrators as part of one or more security policies. For more information about configuring permissions, roles, and policies, see the Deliver Startup and Administrator's Guide.