Nested content references

You can use content references in combination with each other to quickly create sophisticated content structures for marketing email. A content reference can point to a digital asset that contains another content reference. In turn, the target of the second asset can contain yet another content reference. This practice is called creating nested content references.

You can use nested content references to save a considerable amount of development time. When you nest content references, you need only to add the top-level asset to the communication to display all of the referenced assets.

For example, you can use nested references to create an email footer that references a privacy policy, terms and condition statement, and company logo. In this example, you add a single digital asset, called footer, to add multiple assets to the document.

Digital Asset ...points to asset The asset contains
footer stdFooter.htm Snippet that contains the label: PrivacyPolicy.
PrivacyPolicy policiesPriv.html Snippet that contains the label: privacyWebpage.
privacyWebpage PrivacyPage.html Snippet that contains a hyperlink to a page on the company website to describe the privacy policies in detail.